In the fall of 2014, the association « Paris Education 2015” wrote a position paper entitled “Paris Climate 2015: Let’s Also Talk About Education.” As a result, the French Government, and in particular the Ministry of National Education, designated a Thematic Day to discuss education for sustainable development during the COP21 that will take place in Paris in December 2015.
The preparatory text serves as a proposal, so that, in accordance with their respective governments, Ministries of Education gathered in Paris during the conference on Climate Change:

  • Express and affirm the significant role education can play in the transition towards sustainable development.
  • Decide to build the necessary mechanisms to accelerate an educational transition by dedicating a significant part of carbon commerce and taxation to this project.
  • Create a national and international legal framework to share revenues generated by greenhouse gases.


To reach these goals, we hope to obtain a maximum of signatories for this memorandum and give it more punch in order to influence decision makers.

We would be honored to count you as a signatory who would participate in this adventure towards a necessary change in education as a tool to fight against climate disturbance.

Today, more than 560 persons signed the preliminary text.

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The « Paris éducation 2015 » collective

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Renée-Paule Blochet Jacqueline Charron : president and secretary of the NGO « les Amis de circée »
Pierre Calame : honorary president of the Charles Léopold Mayer fondation – FPH
Maryse Clary : senior lecturer at the Aix-Marseille university
Roland Gérard : president of CFEEDD and « Ecole et Nature » network
Thierry Lerévérend : manager of the « Fondation pour l’Education à l’Environnement en Europe » (FEEE)
Philippe Meirieu : senior lecturer at university of Lyon and vice-president of EELV for the « Rhône-Alpes » region.
Richard Pétris : manager of the NGO « Ecole de la Paix »
Yves Reinkin : honorary deputy of the « Wallonie-Bruxelles » region. Former vice-president of the commission for education at « Commission éducation de l’Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie » (APF)
Michèle Rivasi : deputy at the European parliament
Philippe Saugier : European advisor for education and global