Ten Reasons Why Today Technology Is Needed In The Classroom

Education Technology

Integrating technology in the classroom in a practical way is posing a problem for many centers, which due to lack of support or lack of resources, do not come up with a possible solution where to reach a balance in the integration of new technologies with an adequate educational project.

To all this, it is gathered that the current educational system is being questioned for not having faced any substantial change for decades, is another reality, that education in schools should be based more on fostering imagination, creativity, work as a team, rather than learning to learn, with a role of the teacher as sole holder of the truth and with a book that is not flexible in the contents to adapt them to the rhythm of the class.

We continue with a type of education where only boys and girls who follow the path marked are those who can pass the exams and finish the cycle, losing along the way great potentials that either need another type of motivation or a different kind of content. As Einstein mentioned, “if you judge a fish because of its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life believing it to be stupid.”

Ten Reasons Why To Integrate New Technologies In The Classroom

With content and appropriate methodology, mobile phones, laptops or tablets, help educate students in a more dynamic and open.

Encourages the integration of new forms of learning, open to adapt to a more significant number of students, favoring individualized education.

Ideal environment to work in a team, without limiting the physical presence of work groups.

Using technology in the classroom allows teachers to educate students on the responsible use of devices outside of a controlled environment, such as at home or away from home.

Students are used to using tablets, phones or computers practically since they were born so much to play as to learn. Therefore, it is logical that they are included in the classroom as a learning tool.

The information received by the students is more updated and can be adapted to the objectives set by the center and the teaching staff.

The role of the teacher is changed, and the students become protagonists of their own learning, allowing gamification of the classroom that is shown to be ideal in an educational environment. Being expensive devices requires the student to be responsible for the work material. There are few work environments where the use of new technologies is not essential.…

Keys To Integrating New Technologies In The Classroom

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The training and involvement of teachers are essential to education. Teachers must understand what the objectives are and break the routines they have been teaching for years. Accept that they lose the security of the books, and confront that the students can get to have knowledge that they themselves do not have.

Adapt to the center of efficient structures for the appropriate use of technologies. It is difficult to have a qualified staff that can manage the entire infrastructure of the center exclusively. Therefore, it is advisable to delegate this responsibility to specialized companies in the education sector.

Break with the safety of books must be replaced by a clear methodology, where children do not feel lost and where parents can have an orientation of the objectives and work route. To achieve this point, there are many platforms, many of them free for schools. The main ones are Google and Microsoft, although Apple also has a program to integrate the tablets in the classroom although it is usually being used to replace physical books with digital books, so, although electronic devices are integrated (too expensive for use in public centers).

The contents must also be clear, and it is a mistake to replace the contents of the books, which have been structured and oriented to achieve pedagogical objectives adapted to each age, by some pdf generally obtained from the internet and whose quality often shines by its absence. Trying that the center is the creator of new content is unthinkable, both by means and time and just as there are publishers that offer educational material, there are alternatives and companies, very committed to the integration of new technologies in the classroom. An efficient and responsible way.

Manipulative content Working with hands is fundamental in the evolutionary development at any age, and we get the student to participate in an active way and experiment with constructions and activities specially designed to develop skills and competencies. In this sense, the LEGO Education material has few rivals in the entire educational journey from childhood to high school.